Air Acceleration Pump System

Conceptual Technologies' AAPS range has been extensively used across a range of the world's highest profile projects across the agricultural, resources and civil infrastructure sectors.



Size Capacity
32mm 0.1 l/s - 0.7 l/s
40mm 0.5 l/s - 1.25 l/s
50mm 0.75 l/s - 3.0 l/s
80mm 3.0 l/s - 10.0 l/s
100mm 9.0 l/s - 35.0 l/s
150mm 15.0 l/s - 80.0 l/s
200mm 60.0 l/s - 130.0 l/s
250mm 100.0 l/s - 220.0 l/s

Origin: Australia

Delivery: Two Weeks (Global)

Material: 316, X5CrNiMoN17-12-2, S31600 or equivalent

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Deep and shallow well water supply

Mine and civil infrastructure dewatering

Irrigation networks

Carbon and slurry pumping




Capacities: 0.1 l/s - 1,500 l/s

Average Capital Cost Reductions: 60%+

Average Energy Consumption Reduction: 65%

Smaller well sizes

One compressor can operate multiple pumps across large geographic areas

Simple valve control operation system

Easy to clean

Low Maintenance: No motors, rotors or other breakdown items



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